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Workflow Report
Image of Workflow Report

With a single click, produce a human readable report describing the exact steps followed to execute your workflow. You can share the output with colleagues to bring them up to speed or as a personal record of the process you followed.

You can produce a Workflow Report easily for any resource. Just navigate to the Workflow Report option found under the scripts menu. BigML instantaneously runs a Scriptfy job and creates your report.

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New Text Analysis Options
Image of New Text Analysis Options

BigML is happy to announce new options to analyze your text fields. With the newly added capabilities, supervised and unsupervised models will be able to identify more patterns in your text data. The configuration options include:

  • 15 new languages! BigML can now process text in 22 different languages: Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Farsi/Persian, Finish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.
  • The maximum n-gram size to consider for your text analysis: bigrams, trigrams, four-grams and five-grams.
  • New stop words removal techniques like the ability to remove stop words for all languages and the degree of aggressiveness for stopword removal.
  • Stemming for the new languages.
  • Filters to exclude certain groups of uninteresting words from your models such as HTML keywords, non-dictionary words, numeric digits or non-language characters. You can also choose to exclude unigrams from your text and keep only n-grams that include more than one word.

You can configure these options from your source so they will be taken into account by all your models. Moreover, as you iterate your model, you can easily configure these options for your topic models regardless of your original source configuration.

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The BigML Zapier App
Image of The BigML Zapier App

The BigML Zapier app allows you to easily automate your Machine Learning workflows without any coding. Import your data in real-time from the most popular web apps and the BigML app will automatically make predictions for you as your new data is being generated. Then you can simply choose which service or app you want to send the predictions to, and the BigML Zapier app will take care of integrating those predictions into your processes. See some workflow examples and try it for free today!

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Resource Configuration Information
Image of Resource Configuration Information

To solve Machine Learning problems, you usually need several iterations that employ different algorithms and configurations to build your final models and workflows. Now, BigML makes it even easier and faster for you to find the right resources at a glance from among many that belong to the same project by listing the values of your configured parameters for each resource.

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Batch Deletion for Resources
Image of Batch Deletion for Resources

Solving a Machine Learning problem is an iterative process that requires the creation of a great number of intermediary datasets, models, evaluations and predictions to get the final model. Now, BigML simplifies it keeping your account organized and up-to-date by allowing the deletion of multiple resources at the same time. Just click the deletion icon found in the resources listing in the Dashboard, and select the resources to be deleted.

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BigML Certifications
Image of BigML Certifications

We are happy to announce BigML Certifications, for organizations and professionals that want to master BigML to successfully deliver real-life Machine Learning projects. These courses are ideal for software developers, system integrators, analysts, or scientists, to boost their skill set and deliver sophisticated data-driven solutions. We offer two separate courses, each of them consisting of 4 weekly online classes of 3 hours each:

  • Certified Engineer: all you need to know about advanced modeling, advanced data transformations, and how to use the BigML API (and its wrappers) in combination with WhizzML to build and automate your Machine Learning workflows.

  • Certified Architect: learn how to implement your Machine Learning solutions so they are scalable, impactful, capable of being integrated with third-party systems, and easy to maintain and retrain.

If you successfully pass the certification exam, BigML will award you with a diploma. In addition, BigML Certified Partners will receive business referrals that help them source new Machine Learning projects.

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Flatliner code editor & evaluator
Image of Flatliner code editor & evaluator

Flatline is BigML’s Lisp-like language that enables you to programmatically perform a vast array of data transformations, including filtering and new field generation. Our newest BigML Labs project Flatliner is a handy code editor that helps you visually test your Flatline expressions before you use them.

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Image of Projects

We're happy to introduce Projects to help you organize your machine learning resources. You only have to create a new project using the web interface or the API resource and update a new source to this project. All the new resources created from this source will be associated to the same project.

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BigML Labs
Image of BigML Labs

Our team is constantly working on innovative applications built on top of BigML's API. We're now unveiling several of these in early access through our BigML Labs.

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