BigML Tools

We think Machine Learning workflows should be super simple and the resulting predictive models should be accessible wherever relevant data is naturally present. That's exactly why we built these BigML Tools to let you access and manage your BigML resources even when you are not using our web UI or API.

Bindings & Libraries Github repos

With BigML Bindings you can easily build your models, generate predictions and manage all your tasks from your preferred programming language.

BigML Ops Machine Learning Operations

Automates the entire Machine Learning lifecycle so you can focus on solving your business problems instead of building and maintaining your own MLOps infrastructure.

BigML and Node-RED BigML Node-RED Integration

Integrate the BigML platform into Node-RED and quickly build your Machine Learning workflows by drawing a flow-diagram

BigMLer Open Source Command Line

BigMLer is our command line tool, and it let's you automate your Machine Learning workflows in a single line.

BigML-GAS Add-on for Google Sheets

BigML's Google Sheets add-on automatically fills the missing values in your spreadsheets by leveraging your existing models and clusters.

BigML Zapier App BigML Integration for Zapier

Easily automate your Machine Learning workflows using the BigML Zapier app

BigML for Alexa Alexa Voice Service

Empower your Alexa apps with Machine Learning and let your users enjoy personalized experiences.

BigML PredictServer Docker image

The BigML PredictServer is a dedicated machine image ideal to perform millions of predictions in real-time.

BigMLX App for MacOS

Our Mac OS X native app brings you the ability to build models and make predictions by simply dragging and dropping on your Mac Desktop.