BigML Documentation

Welcome to BigML! Get familiarized with the BigML platform by reading our detailed documentation and learn how to use the BigML Dashboard, the BigML API, and other developer tools we offer. Additionally, if you are new to Machine Learning, there is a specific section to learn the basic concepts.

BigML Dashboard

Video Tutorials

Introductory videos to get up to speed with the BigML Dashboard.

Dashboard Documentation

Detailed documentation of our resources available in the BigML Dashboard.

BigML Resources

A summary of the different configuration options for each BigML resource.

Programmatic BigML

API Documentation

Detailed documentation of the BigML REST API.


Full documentation of the BigML command-line tool.

BigML Bindings

Complete documentation for the BigML Bindings.

Machine Learning Basics

Third-party Tutorials

Short tutorials created by independent BigML practitioners.

Machine Learning 101

Basic Machine Learning concepts and techniques.