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Normalize Repeats for Anomaly Detection
Image of Normalize Repeats for Anomaly Detection

Improve the anomalies found in your dataset using the new parameter "Normalize repeats". If you enable this parameter, Anomalies will take into account not only the different values but also the frequency of repeated (or very similar) data points.

For example, if you had many missing values in your data, it may happened that the Anomaly detector identified the instances with missing values as highly anomalous regardless whether missing values were the rule instead of the exception. By using "Normalize repeats", instances with missing data will not appear among the top anomalies in this case.

anomalies frequency score anomaly
Anomaly Detector
Image of Anomaly Detector

BigML makes it easy to build a top-performing anomaly detector that will help you identify instances in your dataset that do not conform to a regular pattern.

fraud detection summer2014 anomaly
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