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Boosted Trees Predictions
Image of Boosted Trees Predictions

The ultimate goal of creating any supervised learning model is to get a prediction for new intstances. Like other supervised models, Boosted Trees offer Single Predictions to predict a given single instance and Batch Predictions to predict multiple instances simultaneously. Instead of returning a single class along with its confidence, Boosted Trees return a set of probabilities for all the classes in the objective field which is visible in the predictions histogram.

ensemble classification regression single predictions batch predictions dashboard api boosted trees
Boosted Trees
Image of Boosted Trees

The BigML team is proud to announce Boosted Trees, the third ensemble-based strategy that BigML provides to help you easily solve your classification and regression problems. Together with Bagging and Random Decision Forests, Boosted Trees make for a powerful combination available both via the BigML Dashboard and our REST API. This well-known technique is an ensemble of several single models, where each tree improves the mistakes made by the previously grown tree. It is one of the best performing Machine Learning methods to solve complex real-world problems.

ensemble classification regression partial dependence plot boosting boosted trees dashboard API
Partial Dependence Plot for Ensembles
Image of Partial Dependence Plot for Ensembles

This new visualization for ensembles, commonly known as Partial Dependence Plot, allows you to visualize the impact that a set of fields have on predictions. You will be able to determine which fields are most relevant for ensemble predictions and how sensitive your ensemble predictions are to their different values.

The chart displays a heatmap representation of your predictions based on different values of the two selected fields in the axes regardless of the rest of the fields used to train your ensemble. You can select any categorical or numeric field for the axes and configure the values for the rest of the input fields by using the fields inspector panel on the right.

supervised classification regression visualization dashboard predictions ensemble
Individual Model Predictions for Ensembles
Image of Individual Model Predictions for Ensembles

Include all the individual trees predictions within the ensemble when creating a batch prediction. You can also include the confidence or expected error for each individual prediction by enabling the confidence option for the output file. This information will provide you a deeper understanding of the ensemble predictions and a flexible way to compute your preferred prediction combination.

batch prediction output settings single models predictions ensemble
Partial Dependence Plots
Image of Partial Dependence Plots

Ensembles are one of the top performing algorithms for most Machine Learning problems, but they are also hard to interpret. Partial Dependence Plot (PDP) is a graphical representation of the ensamble that allows you to visualize the impact that a set of fields have on predictions. BigML provides a configurable two-way PDP where you can select the fields for both axis to analyze how they influence predictions. PDP can be used for regression and classification ensembles.

ensembles predictions visualization viz web labs fall2015 ensemble
Fast ensembles
Image of Fast ensembles

We have refined the way the models of an ensemble are built to save a great amount of time in data transportation. This will dramatically speed up creation of your ensembles.

fast summer2014 ensemble
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