Machine Learning for Everyone

BigML is a consumable, programmable, and scalable Machine Learning platform that makes it easy to solve and automate Classification, Regression, Cluster Analysis, Anomaly Detection, Association Discovery, and Topic Modeling tasks. BigML is helping thousands of analysts, software developers, and scientists around the world to solve Machine Learning tasks “end-to-end”, seamlessly transforming data into actionable models that are used as remote services or, locally, embedded into applications to make predictions.

Subscription plans

Tap into the power of cloud-based Machine Learning without worrying about any infrastructure setup. Choose from flexible plans with no surprises by adjusting the slider. Cancel, upgrade, or downgrade at any time.

Total tasks & storage Max. dataset size Max. parallel tasks Basic support
Unlimited 16 MB 2 -
Subscription period?
Monthly   Quarterly get 15% off Yearly get 30% off
FREE PRO subscription for Students and Educators

If you have unusually large Machine Learning tasks, you can also make use of our pay-as-you-go option and buy credits instead of upgrading to a more expensive solution.

* To create an organization account click here. You need to be registered in BigML first.

Private deployments

For companies with stringent data security, privacy, or regulatory requirements, BigML offers Private Deployments that can run on your preferred cloud provider, ISP, or own infrastructure with commodity servers to meet enterprise grade requirements such as traceability and repeatability for all of your workflows.

BigML can be installed in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) to allow full privacy for your data and predictive resources.

  • Easy and fast initial setup and updates
  • Flexibly auto-scales to fit your increasing computational needs
  • Choose your platform:
Choose the number of instances as per the volume of data and level of concurrency needed by your company.
1 Server (8 cores)
$45,000/ year + $10,000 setup fee


  • Unlimited tasks.
  • Configurable data processing capacity according to your needs.
  • Configurable model parameters and features limits.
  • Customized BigML interface.
  • Prioritized feature requests.
  • Periodical upgrades & updates of new features and algorithms.
  • Priority access to new features.
  • 24x7 support with less than 8-hour time response.
  • Private e-mail, chat and telephone support to guarantee immediate response.
  • Maintenance training for your IT staff.
  • Detailed user manuals for feature configurations.
Extra support & customized assistance
Extra Support
24x7 support and less than 8-hour time response.
Private e-mail, chat channel and telephone to guarantee immediate response.
$3,000/month BUY
Customized Assistance
Get direct access to and assistance of specialized BigML personnel, who will help you with your predictive analysis, workflow automation, or predictive app needs. Exclusive time to help you architect, design, develop, evaluate, and select the best modeling and predicting strategies with weekly meetings to make sure that you get the most of BigML.
4 hours/month
$400/month ORDER
Personalized training
Personalized Training
Select from our online Machine Learning workshops that best fit your needs:
Basic BigML (3 hours)$750
  • Machine Learning for Everyone
  • Classification and Regression
  • Cluster Analysis, Anomaly Detection, Association Discovery, and Topic Modeling
Intermediate BigML (3 hours)$750
  • Programming BigML
  • Bindings & BigMLer
Advanced BigML (3 hours)$750
  • Automating BigML
  • Automating Workflows
  • Automating High-Level Algorithms
Machine Learning-Ready Data (3 hours)$750
  • Basic Transformations
  • Advanced Transformations
  • Automating Transformations
All sessions compressed into 2-day in-situ training*. *Reasonable travel expenses may apply. $5,000
$7501 session (3 hours) ORDER

In order to be eligible to enroll into the BigML Certified Engineer courses you must show certain level of proficiency in Machine Learning, BigML Dashboard, BigML API, and WhizzML. The following getting started assets will get you up and running in no time: ML 101, Tutorials, API documentation, and WhizzML. Learn more about BigML Certifications.

BigML Certified Engineer
This certification track prepares analysts, scientists, and software developers to become BigML Certified Engineers.
Advanced Data Transformations for Machine Learning (3 hours)
Advanced Modeling (3 hours)
Advanced API (3 hours)
Advanced WhizzML (3 hours)
EXAM (3 hours)
$1,500 per engineer x
$1,500 Get 10% off purchasing more than 5 ORDER

Once you've successfully passed the BigML Certified Engineer Exam, you are eligible to enroll into the BigML Certified Architect Courses.

BigML Certified Architect
This certification track prepares BigML Certified Engineers to become BigML Certified Architects.
Designing Large-Scale Machine Learning Solutions (3 hours)
Measuring the Impact of Machine Learning Solutions (3 hours)
Using Machine Learning to Solve Machine Learning Problems (3 hours)
Lessons Learned Implementing Machine Learning Solutions (3 hours)
EXAM (3 hours)
$1,500 per architect x
$1,500 Get 10% off purchasing more than 5 ORDER