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BigML is actively lowering the barriers of entry to make Machine Learning accessible. Since our founding in 2011, BigML has grown through grassroots adoption and reached important milestones along the way. Today, we help thousands of analysts, software developers, and scientists representing many industries and business functions around the world to solve a wide range of Machine Learning problems end-to-end. Find out from satisfied customers around the world in their own words.

Enterprise Functions

Accounting Automated Transaction Categorization
Customer Service Call Center Incident Management Customer Inquiry Classification
Human Resources Job and Candidate Matching People Analytics
Marketing Campaing Response Planning Churn Prediction
Procurement Fraud Detection


Banking Fraud Detection Customer Touchpoint Optimization
FinTech Know your Customer Remediation Optimization
Insurance Risk Analytics Fraud Detection
Investing Startup Success Projection Equity Index Price Estimation


Automotive HVAC Controls Personalization Smart Quality Control
Food Processing Demand Forecasting
Manufacturing Process Quality Analysis
Transportation Dinamic Pricing Optimize Shipment Logistics Smart Plate Recognition


Computer hardware Product Warranty Fraud Yield and Process Contol Predicting Support Needs
Telecom Predictive Maintenance Customer Retention Optimization


Local Government Predictive Maintenance
Healthcare Clinical Trial Analysis


Legal Legal Matter Cost Profiling Automated Contract Review Smart Pricing
Consulting Customer Segmentation Green Energy Propensity Modeling


Travel Hotel Guest Management Predicting Cancellations
Retail Supermarket Loyalty Management Demand Forecasting
Media & Entertainment Predict Box Office Success Predict Hit Songs

Energy & Commodities

Agriculture Predict Crop Yields
Energy Customer Attrition Modeling
Utilities Water Usage Forecasting

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