BigML for Alexa

Empower your Alexa apps with Machine Learning and let your users enjoy personalized experiences. The BigML for Alexa skill combines the predictive power of BigML with the voice processing capabilities of the Alexa Voice Service. This unique integration makes it possible to generate predictions via spoken questions and answers.

Free and Easy Activation

Enabling the BigML Alexa Skill is easy: simply ask Alexa to enable BigML and enter your BigML account credentials so you can load your own models.

Machine Learning Meets Voice Predictions

Load the model you are interested with a simple voice command, and let Alexa take you through the questions needed to make predictions.

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Powerful Customization Options

Does your dataset have unusual field names? You can define speakable versions. Don't know the answer to a specific question? No problem, just skip to the next. The BigML Alexa Skill navigates many complexities with its flexible configuration options.

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