BigML Node-RED Integration

Bring the power of Machine Learning to the Internet of Things

Integrate the BigML platform into Node-RED to make your IoT devices learn from their environment or to build advanced analytics solutions leveraging the wealth of data coming from your IoT device mesh. Collect events streamed from your IoT devices to retrain your BigML models based on new measurements.

Flow-based, Visual Machine Learning

Quickly build your Machine Learning workflows by drawing a flow-diagram that starts transforming your raw data into ML-ready data and concludes with an ML model that you can use to make live predictions. No need for even a single line of code. You simply connect nodes and define their inputs and outputs.

Easily Make you ML Flow Alive

Whether your requirement is making a prediction whenever new data comes in from your IoT devices and passing that prediction to a different entity for prompt handling, or retraining a model when certain conditions occur, the BigML Node-RED integration has you covered with one-click deploy.

Generate WhizzML-automated Flows without Coding

At its heart, the BigML Node-RED integration relies on our powerful DSL for Machine Learning automation, WhizzML. Only, you do not need to program to use it. Just connect nodes and deploy.