BigML Tutorials

For a gentle introduction to BigML, we recommend the following tutorials that are mostly written or recorded independently by Machine Learning practitioners from around the world.

FEB 14 2017

Machine Learning with Python: BigML Local Models & Predictions

by Teresa Álvarez

This video shows how to create a model from a remote CSV file, and use it to make local predictions for new instances using BigML Python Bindings.

JAN 27 2017

Sequence mining in BigML - Part 1

by Tukang Leding

This video shows how to create a Decision Tree Model in BigML configuring its parameters. The author also analyzes the results with the Sunburst view.

JAN 27 2017

Sequence mining in BigML - Part 2

by Tukang Leding

Watch this video to discover how easy it is to import your data into BigML, create a Logistic Regression, and interpret the results.

JAN 18 2017

How to use Machine Learning to improve your ML models

by Andrés González García

With this step by step tutorial you will learn how to improve the results of your ML models by using Machine Learning.

DEC 13 2016

Data Science Start-Ups in Focus: BigML

by Sibanjan Das

Learn how to do Machine Learning without many data scientists. This is part of the series Data Science Start-Ups in Focus.

DEC 4 2016

Introduction to decision trees with BigML: a step by step guide

by Lorenzo

Decisions trees have been extensively and actively involved in various application domains with great success.

AUG 16 2016

Drag, Drop, Click Machine Learning and Modeling with Ease

by Manuel Amunategui

A walkthrough using BigML's extremely easy interface to model datasets using classification and regression algorithms.

AUG 4 2016

How BigML’s WhizzML Eases Machine Learning Automation

by Jennifer Riggins

With an automated workflow in Machine Learning you are extracting the outside variables of your data and making it more valuable.

JAN 6 2016

Explore Data, Find Patterns and Make Predictions

by Charalampos Sarantopoulos

Surprised by the simplicity, functionality, and novelty of the services. The accuracy is higher than Amazon and Google's results.

APR 26 2015

Machine Learning Made Easy

by Alex Casalboni

As a developer, I greatly appreciate the effort in supporting so many programming languages and platforms, making everyone’s work simpler.

JAN 21 2015

BigML tutorial at '14

by Poul Petersen

Learn about predictive analytics and watch how to solve overfitting with ensembles, evaluate a predictive model, find patterns with clustering, and detect anomalies.

NOV 18 2014

Machine Learning to Predict Low Risk Loans

by Poul Petersen

BigML makes Machine Learning more accessible than ever thanks to its well defined workflows, visualizations, and fully featured API.

AUG 5 2014

Everyone can do Data Science

by Fabien Durand

This post completes a tutorial about data science. This third part explains how to build a predictive model of real estate pricing from the data collected.

JUN 24 2014

Improve Your Subscription Based Business by Predicting Churn

by Louis Dorard

This blog post explains how to predict in advance which customers are at risk of leaving, so you can reduce customer retention efforts by directing them solely.

APR 7 2014

Develop Your First Decision Tree and Make Predictions

by Jason Brownlee

Find out how to create a source, dataset, a predictive model, evaluate it and make predictions on unseen data using the predictive model.

FEB 22 2014

Making Predictions in Tableau

by David Gerster

Watch this video to learn how to make predictions with Tableau after exporting your BigML models to Tableau platform.

JAN 30 2014

Fast Model Training with BigML

by David Gerster

Discover how to train a predictive model in this timed demo of BigML's amazing speed, using StumbleUpon data from Kaggle.

OCT 30 2013

A 30 Minutes Evaluation Using MASS Cars93

by Natalino Busa

This application is very compelling for companies who like to work with Machine Learning but don't have yet the budget nor infrastructure.

APR 9 2013

Using BigML to Decide Credit Card Approval

by Chris Shaw

This blog post explains how to find predictive metrics to figure out if the person applying for a credit card should be approved or not.

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