BigML Private Deployments

Consumable, Programmable and Scalable Machine Learning.

Integrate BigML's Machine Learning platform with your enterprise systems, while satisfying stringent data security, privacy, or regulatory requirements. BigML offers flexible Private Deployments that can run in your preferred cloud provider, ISP, or on-premises behind your corporate firewall. Put the power of Machine Learning at the fingertips of everyone in your organization with BigML.

A Company-Wide Machine Learning Platform

Speed up time from raw data to high value predictive business outcomes with BigML's white-box models powered by best-of-breed, interpretable algorithms and patent-pending visualizations. Promote reuse of algorithms, libraries, and scripts. Track every single execution. Collect data on the impact of past experiments in a way that can be readily shared with others. Dramatically reduce the learning curve and systematically accelerate the adoption of Machine Learning in your organization among analysts, developers, and scientists with immediate and company-wide access to the most effective Machine Learnings algorithms and high-level workflows.

Seamless Integration and Automation

Seamlessly integrate with your company's Service Oriented Architecture and give your developers the utmost flexibility in automating sophisticated Machine Learning workflows end-to-end via BigML's REST API, open source bindings, command line tool, plus BigML's domain-specific language: WhizzML. Stop incurring high-interest technical debt due to error-prone manual tasks and brittle, hard-to-maintain, opaque Machine Learning workflows. Start building transparent predictive applications that are easy and cost effective to develop, deploy, operate and maintain —all on the same platform.

Rock-solid, Enterprise-grade Scalability

Experience unmatched productivity gains by keeping developers, analysts, and scientists focused on analytics tasks instead of low level infrastructure management. BigML's robust, distributed architecture has been tested by thousands of customers to create millions of models and far more predictions. Let BigML's linearly scaling, best-of-breed algorithms with built-in traceability and repeatability abstract away the complexities of hardware configurations.