BigML Organizations

Get the most out of your Machine Learning projects

Machine Learning projects usually involve several members from different teams that need to work on the same projects and visualize the same resources. To address this need and make your life easier, BigML offers organizations, a convenient collaborative workspace that helps companies of all sizes adopt Machine Learning across business units at scale. BigML organizations help you work more efficiently, enabling several users to work on the same projects from different accounts at different permission levels. Get ready to improve your productivity by breaking data silos and organizational barriers.

Learn about BigML organizations

Working Collaboratively

Easily create an organization by setting a name and buying a subscription for your organization. You can add as many BigML users as you wish to collaborate in your organization. Simply select the users you want to invite to your private projects and assign them different levels of permissions. By doing so, you can decide, for example, which users can create models, or which users can just view them.


Create an organization


Choose a subscription plan for your organization


Add the number of users for your organization


Invite users to your organization with different roles


Create projects in your organization


Assign project permissions to the organization users

Are you planning to use BigML in Education and wish to work in an organized and collaborative manner with your lab researchers or with your students? Please check out our Education program to learn how BigML Organizations are used in academia.