Technical and Business Perspectives on the Current and Future Impact of Machine Learning

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OCTOBER 20, 2015

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The Machine Learning Age

We're entering a new era where machines are becoming much more capable not only in terms of exponential computational power but also on the level of sophistication of the tasks they can perform.

For the first time, tasks that were thought to be performed only by highly skilled humans are starting to enter the scope of intelligent algorithms. The fundamental factor ushering this new era is the ability of machines to learn from past experiences and to adapt to changes by harnessing Machine Learning techniques.

The old debate about the impact of automation and the jobless economy that started hundreds of years ago with the industrial revolution remains relevant as ever.

Will Machine Learning create more jobs than it destroys?
Will more intelligent machines really put humans out of work?
Which jobs will be replaced sooner?
What type of professions will be emerging due to new technologies?
How important is Machine Learning for your business?


Thomas G. Dietterich

One of the founders of the field of Machine Learning. Tom (Ph.D. Stanford University 1984) is Distinguished Professor of Computer Science at Oregon State University. He served as Executive Director of Machine Learning, helped co-found the Journal of Machine Learning Research, and was the founding President of the International Machine Learning Society. He is currently the President of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence.

Ramón López de Mántaras

The Developer of one the first expert system in Spain and one of the earliest in Europe. Ramón (Ph.D. in Physics University of Toulouse III 1974) is the Director of the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of the Spanish National Research Council. He served as Editor-in-Chief of Artificial Intelligence Communications and President of the Board of Trustees of the International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence. He has been the first European receiving the AAAI Robert S. Engelmore Award in 2011.

Enrique Dans

The author of the most influential technology blog in Spanish. Enrique (Ph.D. Management, University of California, Los Angeles 2000) is Full Professor at IE Business School. He holds an MBA from Instituto de Empresa (IE) and performed postdoc work at Harvard Business School. He authored the best-seller "Everything is going to change". He serves as the Information Systems and Information Technology Chair at IE Business School.

The Event

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by D. Javier Jiménez - CEO, Lanzadera.
Artificial Intelligence Progress
Real-world Stories and Long-term Risks and Opportunities.
From Turing To Humanoid Robots
A fascinating View of the Artificial Intelligence Journey.
The Current and Future Impact of Artificial Intelligence
A business perspective.
by Prof. Enrique Dans
Round Table Opening Statement
by Prof. Vicente Botti, Vice-rector UPV.
Round Table
moderated by Atakan Cetinsoy, BigML.
Pre-closure message
by Ilmo. Sr. Jordi Peris Blanes, Councilman of Participation, Rights and Democratic Innovation.
Closure message
by Muy Honorable Sr. Vicent Soler Marco, Councillor of Treasury and Economic Model.

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