Intelligent Mobility


May 26, 2021 4:30PM CEST / 10:30AM EDT

The mobility industry has been the beneficiary of many different Machine Learning applications that are having a great and visible impact. As the amount of data generated by millions of vehicles and vessels on intelligent, connected transportation systems increase exponentially, novel real-time insights are becoming commercially feasible. That is, if your organization has hit its stride with its digital transformation. Empowered with data and Machine Learning, transportation industry leaders, and decision makers have the opportunity to do more with less, while simultaneously finding effective ways to make their industry more environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

BigML organized a virtual conference to explore the current trends in the Intelligent Mobility industry. Presenters shared real-world examples of Machine Learning applications that are dramatically improving mobility systems and infrastructure while facilitating the rapid transportation of goods and commodities that make the global economic engine hum.


The content presented in this conference is especially useful for professionals working in the fields of transportation, logistics, infrastructure, highway concession operators, and related public institutions. Those interested in finding out about the latest in the Intelligent Mobility industry are also welcome to watch the video recordings.



Andreu Araque

Co-Founder & CEO at Hedyla

Telecommunications Engineer from Universitat Pompeu Fabra. More than 10 years of experience in development and team management. Previous experience as Director of Engineering at Datumize, a start-up in the field of Big Data and data analysis in Logistics, Tourism and Industry 4.0, together with national and international projects with companies such as FM Logistics or Vueling. Previously, he has been in charge of the technical project and product teams at Strands Inc., where he performed pre-sales, software architecture and international project management functions in the Fintech sector with companies such as Barclays UK, Deutsche Bank or ADCB, among others.

Ángela Montánchez

Innovation and Transformation Manager at Openvia Mobility, by Globalvia

Ángela Montánchez is Innovation Manager at Openvia Mobility part of the Globalvia Group, a worldwide infrastructure concession management leader. She develops mobility venture building projects in Openvia, specially Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning projects to transform road operations and mobility services. Greatly passionate about emerging technologies she has been working in Innovation and IT in Spain, the United Kingdom, and Japan for more than 10 years. Additionally, she collaborates with different organizations as a mentor and coach for the development of new businesses in the start-up world. She is a professional coach and associate professor of strategy and innovation in various Universities.

Atakan Cetinsoy

VP of Predictive Applications at BigML

Atakan has 20+ years of hi-tech product management and product marketing experience with both global brands and VC-funded startups including Apple, Yahoo!, FedEx, Strands, and Deem. At BigML, he works closely with customers and prospects in identifying predictive use cases, proposing Machine Learning solutions as well as deploying and measuring them.

Atakan holds a B.S. degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Bogazici University in Istanbul and an MBA from The University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business.

Blanca Alonso

Data Scientist, Electric Route

Blanca holds a Mathematics Degree and a Master in Big Data and Business Analytics provided by the Complutense University of Madrid. She is currently working as a Data Engineer in MBD Analytics and has 3 years of experience as a Data Scientist working to solve business problems. She is also a Machine Learning specialist with knowledge of cloud services, programming skills, and business vision.

Dieter Mayr

Senior Data Scientist and Machine Learning Consultant at A1 Digital

Dieter Myer is responsible for the development and technical implementation of complex Machine Learning projects. His focus area is the data-based conception and support of Machine Learning projects in close coordination with IT departments and business stakeholders. During his doctorate in the field of optimization and his many years of employment in the energy sector, he was able to build up well-founded problem-solving skills and implementation experience for complex and innovative Machine Learning and data analytics topics.

Francis Cepero

Head of Vertical Market Solutions at A1 Digital

Francis Cepero brings more than 20 years of experience in business software and vertical market solutions to his position as Director of Vertical Market Solutions. Cepero previously was Head of Innovation and Technology for Media, Sports, and Entertainment at SAP SE. Cepero holds a master's degree in physics and international marketing and has completed various post-graduate programmes at Columbia University, as well as at INSEAD and MIT.

Irene Robles

Data Analyst, Electric Route

Irene is an economist specialized in econometric analysis and predictive modeling using data mining and Machine Learning techniques, with a background in probability theory, statistical inference, sampling methods, and time series. She is currently working as a data analyst in MBD Analytics carrying out tasks of data analysis in the insurance sector.

Lucía Tomaino

GNSS Engineer, Electric Route

Lucía is an Aerospace Engineer specialized in algorithm development, monitoring, and operations (DEVOPS) of the Global Navigation Satellite Systems field. Lucía has been working for 4 years at GMV and gives support to different projects for applications in autonomous driving and satellite precise orbit determination.

Marta García

Solutions Analyst, Electric Route

Marta holds a bachelor degree in industrial engineering from Rey Juan Carlos University. While studying she started working at Everis in the Transport and Logistics sector where she assisted in the definition of Business Rules and proposing technological solutions. She holds a Master in Big Data and Business Analytics from the Complutense University of Madrid and currently works as a strategic consultant at Deloitte to develop strategies and operations plans for different clients.

Silvie Spreeuwenberg

Business Controller at Simacan

Silvie Spreeuwenberg is an experienced entrepreneur. She combines the ability to be a holistic thinker while, at the same time, she has detailed knowledge about artificial intelligence, compliance and software development. Therefore, she is a good strategy advisor for founders, scale-ups and start-ups. Her inspiration is rooted in a strong need to create sustainable partnerships based on trust. She has an urge to share knowledge by being extremely transparent. These are the themes in her work.


Online sessions between 4:30 PM - 8:00 PM CEST / 10:30 AM - 2:00 PM EDT on Wednesday, May 26, 2021.

04:30 - 04:40 CEST10:30 - 10:40 EDT
Opening Remarks
by MªJesús Alonso, BigML
04:40 - 04:50 CEST10:40 - 10:50 EDT
Machine Learning in the Mobility Industry
by Atakan Cetinsoy, BigML Slides
04:50 - 05:20 CEST10:50 - 11:20 EDT
Transforming Road Operations and Mobility with Computer Vision: SLPR Case
by Ángela Montánchez, Innovation Manager at Openvia Mobility by Globalvia Slides
05:20 - 05:40 CEST11:20 - 11:40 EDT
Changing the Mobility Landscape: Route to the Electric Future
by Blanca Alonso, Data Scientist; Irene Robles, Data Analyst; Lucía Tomaino, GNSS Engineer; and Marta García, Solutions Analyst - Electric Route Slides
05:40 - 06:00 CEST11:40 - 12:00 EDT
06:00 - 06:20 CEST12:00 - 12:20 EDT
Business Value of IoT and Machine Learning in Logistics
by Francis Cepero, A1 Digital Slides
06:20 - 06:40 CEST 12:20 - 12:40 EDT
Embedded Machine Learning: Damage Detection in Rail
by Dieter Mayr, A1 Digital Slides
06:40 - 07:00 CEST12:40 - 01:00 EDT
The Added Value of Predictions for Transport Delivery
by Silvie Spreeuwenberg, Simacan Slides
07:00 - 07:20 CEST01:00 - 01:20 EDT
From Last Mile to Long Distance Route Optimization
by Andreu Araque, Hedyla Slides
07:20 - 07:50 CEST 01:20 - 01:50 EDT
Q&A: Meet the Speakers
07:50 - 08:00 CEST 01:50 - 02:00 EDT
Closing Remarks
by MªJesús Alonso, BigML

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