BigML Brand Style Guide

These brand guidelines explain how to use our visual identity with confidence and clarity. Our guidelines have been designed to ensure consistency within our brand, helping to create strong, recognizable, and innovative communications.

Clear space

To protect the clarity and visual integrity of the logo, it has an exclusion zone. Measure clear space from the radius of the ML ball. Never allow typography or other elements to 'invade' the logo. Never redraw or alter the logo, including the placement and size relationship of the letters or symbol. It must always appear legibly on a clear background.

Brand colors

Pantone 377C #82A11D Pantone 296C #2B3337

Secondary palette colors

Dark grey #454957 Grey #7B8290 Blue #8C98BF
Green #A8C910 Light green #D6EE6A Light grey #F7F7F7


We use Hevetica Neue for our claim and website.

Modeling Resources

Icons and workflow diagrams of the BigML platform.